Early Course Feedback

Group of people sitting at desks in a circleEarly course feedback processes are designed to help you gather feedback from your students about their learning and to equip you to make the changes needed to more effectively support their learning in your class.

Focus groups and in-class student surveys are both valuable ways to collect this feedback. Our faculty development specialists are available to gather the feedback and work with you to interpret and respond to the feedback collected. Contact us at ctlhelp@gatech.edu for more information.

Focus Groups through Classroom Dialogue

A Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) consultant will meet with you to discuss your perspectives and interests. Next, the consultant will visit your class and conduct a 20-25 minute directed conversation with students to gather feedback about their perspectives on learning in the class. Your consultant will share and discuss the feedback with you, provide you with a written record of the data collected, and help you make decisions about the best ways to respond to your students' feedback. This document provides more information about the purpose and method involved.

Student Surveys

Distribute a paper survey to students (ideally during the first 15 minutes of class) and gather written feedback from your students. CTL consultants can help you design your survey (open-ended questions about perceived learning work best), review and summarize the survey data in terms of trends and salient points, and help you make decisions about the best ways to respond to your students' feedback. For sample surveys, click here, here, and here.

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