Annual Winners Announced for Student Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: Class of 1934 CIOS Award

Forty Georgia Tech instructors were recently recognized for their excellence in teaching from spring to fall 2019.  

This award, previously known as the Class of 1940 Course Survey Teaching Effectiveness Award, is one of a number of annual recognition initiatives from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) to honor outstanding teaching.

Specifically, the award recognizes faculty members with exceptional scores and response rates on the Course Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS). The CIOS is completed by students at the end of each semester to provide feedback to instructors about the learning experience in their respective courses.

Open to full-time instructors of both small (15-30 students) and large classes (at least 40 students), recipients were selected based on the sum of the following three CIOS items: #16 instructor’s respect and concern for students; #17 instructor’s level of enthusiasm about teaching the course; #18 instructor’s ability to stimulate my interest in the subject matter. Ties were broken by response rate. 

“Faculty who receive the award often remark what an honor it is, especially since it’s based on students’ feedback about their work in the course,” said Joyce Weinsheimer, director of CTL. “At least 85 percent of their students have taken the time to complete CIOS, and these students highly value the instruction they received. There’s definitely consensus among the students that this person has helped them learn — and that’s always great to hear.” 

Congratulations to the following individuals: 

  • Amy Bruckman, Computer Science, Professor
  • Lindsey Bullinger, Public Policy, Assistant Professor
  • Mark Cottle, Architecture, Associate Professor
  • James Dahlman, Biomedical Engineering, Assistant Professor
  • Karie Davis-Nozemack, Scheller College of Business, Associate Professor
  • Adam Decker, Biological Sciences, Senior Academic Professional
  • Ellen Dunham-Jones, Architecture, Professor
  • John Etnyre, Mathematics, Professor
  • Lionel Gall, Modern Languages, Senior Lecturer
  • Nagi Gebraeel, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Professor
  • Thomas Gentry, Architecture, Associate Professor
  • Rudolph Gleason Jr., Biomedical Engineering, Associate Professor
  • Claire Greenstein, International Affairs, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Neha Gupta, Mathematics, Academic Professional
  • Javier Irizarry, Building Construction, Associate Professor
  • Martin Jacobson, Biomedical Engineering, Professor of the Practice
  • Yongtaek Kim, Modern Languages, Associate Professor
  • Sung Lim, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dan Fielder Professorship
  • Aya McDaniel, Modern Languages, Lecturer
  • Natalia Myshkin, Modern Languages, Lecturer
  • Glaucio Paulino, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor
  • Melissa Pilkington, Modern Languages, Lecturer
  • Tarek Rakha, Architecture, Assistant Professor 
  • Christopher Rozell, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor
  • Brendan Saltaformaggio, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Assistant Professor
  • Benjamin Shapiro, Computer Science, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Carrie Shepler, Chemistry, Principal Academic Professional 
  • Richard Simmons, Mechanical Engineering, Senior Research Engineer
  • John Smith, History and Sociology, Associate Professor
  • Nicholas Sturm, Literature, Media, and Communication, Brittain Fellow
  • Satomi Suzuki-Shenoweth, Linguistics, Lecturer
  • Peter Swire, Computer Science and Scheller, Professor
  • Samba Sy, Modern Languages, Lecturer
  • William Todd, Scheller College of Business, Professor of the Practice
  • Kari Watkins, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Professor
  • Damon Williams, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Lecturer
  • Kimiaki Yamaguchi, Modern Languages, Lecturer
  • Lisa Yaszek, Literature, Media, and Communication, Professor
  • Alenka Zajic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor
  • Laurina Zhang, Scheller College of Business, Assistant Professor

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