Resources to Support Your Classroom Research or Assessment Project

Bookshelf filled with teaching booksThe following resources are available to assist you as you conduct your classroom research or assessment project:

  • Articles/Books on Learning Theory. If you are just beginning to explore the scholarship of learning in depth, two very good books to begin your journey are How People Learn by the National Research Council, JD Bransford, AL Brown, and RR Cocking, Eds., and Learning and Motivation in the Postsecondary Classroom by MD Svinicki. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) resource library also contains many books focused on teaching, learning, and assessment. Interested in conducting your own literature search? Reach out to one of the Institute's subject librarians who can assist with your discipline-specific needs.
  • Individual Consultations and Group Sessions. The CTL team is available to hold lunch sessions to discuss teaching and learning articles, attend department meetings to review the scholarship of teaching and learning, or spend one-on-one time assisting with framing a research project related to teaching and learning.
  • Design of Learning Spaces. Information gathered by CTL and compiled into a PDF
  • Grant Support. If you'd like to pursue a grant opportunity, it's best to request the CTL team's assistance during the planning stage. Most of the grant opportunities provided by organizations such as the National Science Foundation and the Department of Education require that proposals show a solid foundation in learning theory throughout. The evaluation of the proposal also needs to be grounded in assessment instruments that are linked to learning outcomes. For additional information/support in grant writing opportunities, contact CTL at or 404.894.4474.
  • Developing Assessment Strategy. Assessment indicates to professors whether the students are learning subject content in their classes (through tests, quizzes, projects, etc.). However, assessment also can include informal feedback during the learning process to allow readjustment and redirection (formative assessment) as well as students' understanding of the content at the end of the course (summative assessment). The CTL team can assist you in developing assessment tools that are appropriate for your courses and overall curriculum. (Research on the particular tools utilized in assessment is also considered an integral part of the scholarship of teaching and learning.)

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