Brian Gunter

College of Engineering

Dr. Brian Gunter, an associate professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering, is interested in how we can best utilize the potential of digital media, online lectures, and in-person activities to maximize knowledge transfer and continue to attract the best students. A member of the Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee (IGCC), Dr. Gunter believes the online materials should enhance their in-person experience, and not be a substitute for it and that offering more than just recorded lectures and auto-graded quizzes, but also in-person and hands-on experiences, will keep the quality of a Georgia Tech degree competitive and valuable. Given high faculty to student rations, especially in large intro courses, Dr. Gunter says,  


I believe hybrid approaches, blending online and in-person activities, potentially combined with more involvement with student teaching assistants, can help free up time for faculty to development new problems or activities while still conveying the required fundamental material. This goes beyond the flipped classroom, by actively seeking out new and innovative methods and technology to increase student engagement and outcomes.

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