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These modules are designed to assist TAs (and instructors) in learning about important policies, procedures, and practices related to their work at Georgia Tech. Each module is a narrated PowerPoint presentation that lasts between five and eight minutes. (Please turn on the audio of your computer when you view the presentations.) You can also download or print the handouts for these presentations. (You may need to download and install the free Flash Player and Adobe Reader if you don't have them installed on your computer).

  • If you have any trouble accessing the modules, email ctlhelp@gatech.edu with "TAweb Help" in the subject line.
  • If you have any questions about the actual content or wish to have additional information about TA issues, contact Kate Williams.
  • If you have any trouble accessing the TA Web Assessment, please contact the instructor of your CETL 2000 or CETL 8000 course, or the person in your department who is requiring the assessment.


Module 1: Your Role as a Teaching Assistant

Welcome to your role as a Georgia Tech TA! This presentation provides an overview of the responsibilities, expectations, and benefits of being a TA.

Note: You need to download Flash player 8 or later to view this presentation. If you cannot view it in Internet Explorer, please try it in Firefox.

Module 2: What you should know about FERPA?

This presentation tells you what an instructor should know about the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The purpose of this law is to afford all post-secondary students certain rights pertaining to their educational records.

Download the Handout

Module 3: Academic Integrity at Georgia Tech

In this presentation, you will learn the basics of how instructors and students at Georgia Tech work together to ensure the integrity in the teaching and learning process.

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Module 4: Georgia Tech Grading Policies

This presentation will try to answer some common questions to improve your understanding of the basic grading issues found at Georgia Tech.

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Module 5: Sexual Harassment Information and Resources

This presentation discusses what sexual harassment is and how to prevent it in your classroom.

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Module 6: Tutoring Students

This presentation provides instructors and TAs with insight into the tutoring process and successful interaction with students.

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Module 7: Teaching Toward Inclusion

This presentation focuses on how instructors prepare to encourage successful learning by all students, no matter how diverse they might be.

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Module 8: Teaching in the Laboratory

This presentation reviews responsibilities and strategies for those TAs who teach in laboratory settings.

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Module 9: Teaching in Recitations

This presentation reviews responsibilities and strategies for those TAs who teach in recitation sections.

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TA Web Assessment

Once you have reviewed each module, you may take the TAWeb Assessment to test your knowledge of important campus policies and resources pertaining to your duties as a TA. Remember that as a member of Georgia Tech’s instructional staff, you are now expected to be familiar with these.

The assessment is a 25-question multiple choice exam that will ask you to apply what you have learned here. Some of the answers may also be found in Tech’s teaching guidebook, Teaching at Georgia Tech: A Handbook for Faculty, Instructors, and Teaching Assignments. If your department requires that you complete this assessment, your score will be automatically be sent to it.

Prior to taking the assessment, confirm that you have access to the assessment in the T-Square site provided by your department. If not, you should email the instructor of your CETL 2000 or CETL 8000 course, or the person in your department who is requiring the assessment with the phrase “TAWeb Assessment” in the subject line. Be sure to include your GT account (e.g., ms43, gtg32i) and GT ID number (the nine-digit number on your BuzzCard that begins with a 9) in the email body and tell them that you do not have access to the T-square site with the assessment and you need to be added to it. If you can't access T-square at all, submit a request for assistance.

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